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Old methods to decorate Aluminium surfaces are, to transfer after primer painting first on the surfaces of aluminium, or to do water transfer film, or to wrap PVC sheet around aluminium.

But each method has weaknesses like;

for primer painting before transfer, additional operation makes productivity lower,
for water transfer film, only manual operation is possible, cannot be mass production method, and production cost is too high,
PVC sheet paper, as time passed, sheet can be worn out, or colors of the sheet can be changed, easily.

But our products can be transferred directly without additional process to the surfaces of aluminium. Since we can express various patterns and colors by hot stamping foils printed on glossy or matte polyester film, this method can enable mass production, and can give cost savings, too. And our method transfers designs and colors to the surfaces of aluminium directly, and remove film afterwards. this solves long-lasted quality issues of film worn-out problems of the old method.