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Patent No.10-0633002 - Hot Stamping Foil for decorating Glass and its Production Method

Stamping Foil for decorating Glass and its Production Method) Applying various patterns and colors on the surfaces of glass, this product is used to decorate the interiors of the construction, or to decorate the front panels of the home appliances.

Old method was adhension vinyl sheet, or thin sliced marble stone between glasses, or decorating glasses by silk screen printing, and bonding it to the interior materials for construction or to the front panels of home appliances.

In case vinyl sheet is difficult to express various colors, and is weak in clearness of colors, and as time goes by the bonding strenghth can be weakened. Natural marble stone falls short in the variousness of patterns and colors, and especially the price is relatively too high, it cannot be economical to be used widely in industry purposes. Silk screen printing is difficult to express various patterns and/or colors, and the production processes are complicated and difficult to be automated, this method has very low production efficiency.

We tried to overcome above weak points in the mass production, and developed this hot stamping foil to decorate glass in February 2006, and achieved patent right in September, 2006.

This product produce by Gravure printing on PET film, and can express all patterns for which cylinders can be made, and has improved clearness of the colors, and can be applied to mass production, which can reduce the production cost. This product can initiate to improve production efficiency, to achieve cost savings,and to develop high class new products in glass products industry.

Processes to apply this product to glass are [Cleaning glass] - [Pre-heating] - [Transfer] - [Urethane coating].