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Patent No.0486659 - Stamping method of hot stamping foils on PP Edge or PP flat surface by using injection Process

This product stamped by Hot Stamping Foils can be used for MDF or PB edge bending and to decorate the covers of stationeries.

We developed environment friendly products, and improved productivity and cost saving hot stamping foils to be applied to edge bending and to be applied to stationery in 2002.

We applied for patent, and started mass production, and achieved patent approval in 2005.

Compared to old edge bending products using PVC, we used PP and prevented the harmful ingredients of PVC to be exposed to our customers, to be more environment friendly product. And we combined the transfer process with PP edge and planes extruding process. Compared to old method of separate transfer after extruding, we reduced numbers of operation, losses and cycle time, too. This can improve the production efficiency, and cost savings, too.