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Patent No.0486658 - In-mold Transfer Film and Production Method

Old method was, during plastic injection, attaching directly OPP film which patterns or letters printed on the surface of injected objects, and this was only possible on flat surfaces.

But, our patented method enables to transfer patterns or letters on curved surfaces, too, and no need another surface treatment process, so injection and transfer can be in one process. This improves production efficiency, highly.

And our method removes film, and compared to insert method which has film remained, we can have improved color definitions, and our method treat top primer to protect decorative Layers, this improves organic solvent resistant, and scratch resisteant.
1. Product Characteristics
Good organic solvent resistant, and scratch resistant.
High Production Efficiency.
High Color Definition.
2. Layer Structure of Product
Carrier(Pet film 36 or 50)
Top Primer coating
Decorative(Printing) Layers
Heat Activated Adhesive