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Patent No.10-0683183 - Top Coated paper for Wrapping and its Production Method

To decorate MDF molding of MDF Picture-Frame, using paper, this method wraps either pigment type or metallized type paper around the molding. This product applied top coating on the printing surface, and this improves organic solvent resistant, scratch resistant, and waterproof effects.

And this product has different layer structure. that is, Top coating - Printing - Paper. When you want to apply this product to MDF or other substrate, you have to treat Bond under paper for adhension.

Old method was to wrap PVC around MDF,and transfer hot stamping foils on its surface, so, this method need 2 process. But our patented method uses already printed paper,and it can be finished only 1 process.
1. Product Characteristics
Good organic solvent resistant, and scratch resistant.
Improved work convenience and efficiency.
Improved Productivity and cost savings.
2. Layer Structure of Product
Top Coating
Decorative(Printing) Layers
Paper or Film (pigment or metallized Type)