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Patent No.0486656 : Top coating hot stamping foil and Production Method

Before Seoul Chemical developed this product, hot stamping foils were weak in organic solvent and scratches, and could not be useful as industrial materials. After this product was introduced, hot stamping foils began to be used widely as industrial material.

We achieved patent in 2005, and hot stamping foils using this patented technology are applied especially in the areas which require strong organic solvent resistant and scratch resistant. For example, construction interior and exterior materials, plastic doors, MDF furnitures.

Compared to UV, rarely used for protection surface, this product can have simplified processes, which gives cost savings, and not like UV, this product does not discharge poisonous materials during production. We dare to say this product is more safe and environment friendly product to the production workers.
1. Product Characteristics
Good organic solvent resistant, and scratch resistant.
Applicable as industrial materials, which require organic solvent resistant and scratch resistant.
Environment Friendly Product.
2. Layer Structure of Product
Carrier (PET Film/Glossy or Matte)
Release Coat
Protective Top Coat
Decorative(Printing) Layers
Heat Activated Adhesive