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Patent No.0282701 : Hot Stamping Foil used on the non-absorbent surface of objects like metal flat surface

After processing primer on metal sheet, and printing 7~8 degrees patterns and colors by Gravia method on the Glossy or matte PET film, 200~240 Thermo Roller machine does the transfer process. Seoul Chemical achieved patent in 2000, and started mass production. Before this method, only direct painting 2~3 degrees colors was known, and by this method mass production was possible.

Developed by Seoul Chemical for the first time in Korea, this product can be produced at the speed of 40m /min, metal sheets decorated with this product can be widely applied in construction interior or exterior material, interior material for ships, home appliances.
1. Product Characteristics
Improving Productivity and saving production cost.
- Improving productivity by Silicon Thermo Roller's auto transfer process by 40m /min, this mass production can also save
- production cost, too.
Possible expressions of various designs and colors.
- Marble Pattern, Wooden Pattern, various color selection, and so on. Application can be unlimited.
2. Conditions of Transfer Process
Temperature : 200~240
Speed : 40m/min
Machine : Silicon Thermo Roller Type Transfer machine
3. Warnings
M/C Set-up : Production depends highly on the temperature and pressure of the machine. Before you start production, make sure that you tested machine conditions fully.
Storage : This products should be stored in the cool (20~28) and no direct sun shine area, and must be kept in standing (vertical)position.
4. Product Specification
Half Width : PET Film(Glossy or Matte) 23*640mm*500/1000/1500m/Roll
Full Width : PET Film(Glossy or Matte) 23*1280mm*500/1000m/Roll