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Patent No.0272202 - Hot Stamping Foil directly transferred onto the MDF edge or flat surface

Seoul Chemical succeeded in developing this product also, and achieved patent in 2000. Before this patent, Hot Stamping Foils can only be applied to plastic products, but our new product can be applied to MDF, too, so the applying areas are largely extended.

This product enables to transfer patterns and colors on edges and flat surface of MDF by heat and pressure without other bonding process. We installed full width(1280mm) production line in 2004, first time in Korea, and since then produced and mainly exported to Overseas market.
1. Product Characteristics
Environment Friendly Product
- Applied to MDF made of sawdust or scrubs, this will prevent the destruction of natural environment by reckless deforest.
Productivity Improvement
- We can directly transfer our products to MDF by Hest & Pressure without additional bonding process, and this compact
- operation was proven to be very efficient in mass production.
Possible expressions of various designs and colors
- At present, we owned about 2,000 different designs, and we can apply custom made designs, too.
2. Conditions of Transfer Process
Temperature : 200~210
Speed : 3~20m/min
Pressure : 5~6kg/
Machine : Edge Transfer machine (Silicon Roller Type)
3. Caution
Machine Set-up : Production of this Hot Stamping Foil depends highly on the temperature and pressure of the machine. Before you start production, make sure that you tested machine conditions fully.
Storage : This products should be stored in the cool (20~28) and no direct sun shine area, and must be kept in standing position(Vertical).
4. Product Specifications
Half Width : PET Film(Matte or Glossy) 23*640mm*500/763/1525m/Roll
Full Width : PET Film(Matte or Glossy) 23*1280mm*500/1525m/Roll
Cutting Size : Minimum 20mm possible.