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Patent No.099741 - Thermo Transfer Film for Curved Surfaces

To make natural wooden effect with various patterns and colors on MDF, this product is made through processes of printing on PVC film, and transfer by membrane press machine, and removing PVC film, and painting process on surface.

Seoul Chemical achieved patent in 1986, and started mass production, and before we started production, all domestic demands werefulfilled by import from JAPAN.
1. Product Characteristics
Environment Friendly Product
- Applied to MDF made of sawdust or scrubs, this will prevent the destruction of natural environment by reckless deforest.
- Existing widely applied [Deco Sheet] is discharging poisonous materials when scrapped, and thus polluting the
- environment, our product can be recycled, since PVC films are removed after transfer.
Excellent Wetproof, Light-stability and Durability
- Existing [Deco Sheet] or [Paper] is weak in dampness and light-stability, and is easy to be deteriorated, but our product
- is going through 1 to 3 times painting process, and this will improve a lot in Wetproof, Light-stability, and durability of our
- products.
Productivity Improvement
- Our products can be transfered onto MDF flat surface, NC area (Upto10mm), and edge part at the same time,and you can
- improve productivity.
Possible expressions of various designs and colors.
- At present, we owned about 2,000 different designs.
- Custom color matching available.
- You can display many colors & designs on your door by one step decorating process.
2. Production Operations
MDF Cutting and NC processing Sanding Spray water bond Dry (30 minutes at natural temperature) Transfer Remove Base film (PVC) 1st Paint-Dry-Sanding-2nd Paint Grinding 3rd Paint(For high-class furnitures) Dry(25~30, 6hours) Finish
3. Working Conditions
Temperature : 90(summer)~130(winter)
Time : 2 ~ 3 minutes (120 seconds ~ 180 seconds)
Pressure : 2.5 ~ 3kg/
Machine : Membrane Press Machine
4. Caution
Coating- Must use non-Yellowing paint. Must control proper paint quantity
Storage- Products should be stored in the cool (20~25) and no direct sun shine area, and must be kept in hanging with bar.
5. Product Specification
Half Width : PVC Film 90~100*640mm*500m/Roll
Full Width : PVC Film 90~100*1280mm*250m/Roll