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, Patent No.099741 - MDF(medium density fiber board) Membrane Foil  
- Decorate surfaces or edge of MDF, with elegant patterns and colors.
- Transfer onto flat surface and edge simultaneously by using membrane M/C.
- Applied to MDF furnitures of decoration, built-in, kitchen, school, office, and so on.
, Patent No.0272202 - Hot Stamping Foil for MDF Edge or Flat surface.  
- Transferred directly by heat and pressure, mainly to the edges of MDF products without using bonding material.
- Most efficient product to finishing edges of MDF furnitures.
, Patent No.02817012 - Hot Stamping Foil for Color steel sheet.  
- Decorate lacquer-coated steel with elegant colored wooden pattern or marble pattern.
- Transferred by heat and pressure onto the steel flat surface without using other bonding material.
- Applied for home appliances, construction interior or exterior material.
, Patent No.0486656 - Top Coating Foil  
- Protect printing surface by top coating with special chemical.
- Applied when products required protect from solvent or scratch resistance.
- Applied for PS, moldings, plastic, MDF furniture.
, Patent No.0486657 - Hot Stamping Foil for decorating LPM/HPM  
- You can decorate with this product on the solid and slick surfaces like LPM/HPM.
- Applied for the products using LPM or HPM.
Patent No.0486658 - In-mold Foil.  
- Using 36~50 micron thickness PET film, you can decorate with this product on the curved surfaces.
- More elegant feeling by removing base film after transfer.
, Patent No.0486659 - Hot Stamping Foil for PP edge or flat surface.  
- Using various patterns and colors of foils to PP products, in the production of PB or MDF and stationeries, it will replace
- existing PVC products, and become more environment friendly..
- Foil can be transfered during extrusion and you can improve your poductivity.
, Patent No.10-0553276 - Silver Nano Foil.  
- Keeping products clean by using silver nano applied foil.
, Patent No.10-0555323 - Top Coating High Glossy Film  
- PVC sheet with high-glossy effect with this product.
- Strong resistance to chemicals or scratch by protection of treatment on the chemical processed surface primer.
Patent No.10-0555324 - Dry Bonding Film  
- Laminating printed film on PS or MDF molding by heat and pressure without other bonding process.
, Patent No.10-0633002 - Foil for Glass.  
- You can use this product as decorative interior materials printed wooden or marble patterns with various colors on glass.
, Patent No.10-0683183 - Top Coated MDF Wrapping Film  
- Wrap pigment type or metallic type paper to MDF molding or frames.
- Strong resistance to chemicals or scratch by top coating processes on the surfaces.