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At present, we have factory #1 (4 production lines), and factory #2 (2 production lines), and both factories are producing globally top level quality Hot Stamping Foils(Heat Transfer Foils). Especially, factory #2 has exclusive production lines of MDF, aliminium, color-steel sheet foils and coating line with special coating chamber facility.
Current product line-up of Seoul Chemical Co. is :
Various patterns and colors of MDF membrane and edge foils for MDF
decorative furnitures, school furnitures, office furnitures, and kitchen
ABS Top coating foils for decorating bath room furniture, footwear closet,
furnitures, and moldings made by PS(polystyrene).
General or top coating foils for all kinds of plastics, ie. ABS, AS, PS, PP, PC,
Foil for color steel sheet.
Aluminium foil to be transfered directly onto aluminium.
Wrapping paper for MDF frame or molding (pigment type or metallic type)
Insert film with printed OPP film to attach directly plastic.
In-mold foil to be transferred onto curved plastic.
Transfer Foil and Laminating film for magnesium board
Glass foil to decorate glass with various patterns and colors
Laminating film to make high glossy effect on PVC sheet
Transfer Foils for stationeries, cosmetic packings, picture-frames, garbage-basket, and other living supplies.
Foils for foamed or recycled styrofoam frames molding
Foils for mobile phone or electric home appliances.

We are producing above products either pigment type or metallic type using glossy or matte films.

Since founded in 1983, up to now, through continuous research and development of Hot Stamping Foils(Heat Transfer Foils), we achieved 11 patents, and 1 design right, and achieved many domestic business certificates of "Venture Business", "Promissing Small & Medium business", "INNO-BIZ (Korean Engineering Innovation small and medium business)", "Promissing Exportable Small & Medium Business", and was honored with the president's Export Tower Award, Engineering Award of the Minister of Science and Technology, Export Merit Award of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and achieved global standard certificates of ISO9001/2000, ISO14001/2001).

We will promise to do our more efforts in research and development, and will promise to supply various new products of better quality, more environment friendly.