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Welcome to Seoul Chemical Co., LTD web-site. I am C.E.O of this company, Chong Suk, Chung. Warm thanks, first, for you to visit our homepage. 

With the firm confidence that only the top can survive in this intense competition, all Seoul Chemical families have been pushing on the production of the best quality Hot Stamping Foils(Heat Transfer Foils).  

We introduced Hot Stamping Foils in early 1980's, first time in Korea and set up production lines in 1983.

Since then, we have been do our best to develop technologies and to improve qualities of Hot Stamping Foils(Heat Transfer Foils).  

Beginning with early production of Insert Film for plastics, we developed Hot Stamping Foils(Heat Transfer Foils) to decorate plastics by after stamping-method, metallic foils, MDF membrane foils, MDF edge and flat surfaces foils, color steel sheet foils, aluminium foils, and recently we are developing strong-coating foils to apply Mobile phone or doors. We are proud that we have been leading the Hot Stamping Foils' industry.

Our efforts of research and development was awarded with 11 patents registered, 1 design right, Engineer's award, and certificates of Venture business, Promising Small & Medium business, INNO-BIZ (Korean Engineering Innovation small and medium business) and so on.

All Seoul Chemical families will promise to initiate to make more beautiful and prosperous world with our never ending research and develop, and with the challenge to develop new products.